7 Ideas to Make Lockdown 2 a Little Easier...

This won't be a long post as I understand people will be suffering emotionally from Boris' announcement on Saturday evening, but as someone who really struggles with "cabin fever", I'd like to offer a few ideas to anyone who is feeling uninspired, a bit flat and deflated. So, here are my 10 suggestions of things to do to make lockdown 2 easier...

1. Get creative

I am not the arty type, don't get me wrong, I must have SOME level of artistic perspective to make scented candles and design the labels, but I've found painting and drawing to be extremely therapeutic during this time. Whether it's doodling, interior design or painting an abstract piece, the escapism achieved from creating and transforming something blank into an expression of your emotions is a great way to release a bit of tension for a few hours!

2. The great British bake...in the home

Baking is such a fantastic way to do something productive for a few hours. As someone who has recently changed to a Vegan diet, experimenting and substituting ingredients for ones which are from animal products is a fun and interesting way to test products and see what new ingredients work well and well..... which ones DON'T (insert vomit Emoji here). Whether you're a pro-baker, a diamond in the rough or just starting out, baking is fantastically entertaining and lets be honest, so YUMMY.

3. Exercise

Yes, this one you'll have heard before. It's a tale as old as time, exercise = endorphins, which = happy. It's so difficult to feel motivated to get up and move when the times are so terrible, I totally understand, but, during lockdown 1 running, yoga and even YouTube videos of work outs I could follow along to made me feel much more energised and just in a better mood throughout the day!

4. Host a Zoom / Skype dinner party

A whacky idea? Initially I thought so too. BUT my parents just had a black tie dinner party between 6 of them, including my parents. One person picked up the starters, one the mains, one the desserts + everyone picked up a small "extra" gift for the people they were dropping off to. This for my parents were 2 of The Festive One candles for a festive feel that everyone could light at the table with them. Another dropped off a homemade raspberry gin and another dropped off a box of mint chocolate biscuits! Needless to say, everyone had a fabulous night and were in fantastic spirits afterwards... regardless of the hangovers the next day...

5. Do some Christmas shopping

Whilst November would usually be the month I would go out and shop for my family, this year I am doing a "shop small Christmas" which means a lot more time is spent looking online for the perfect, unique, handmade gifts for my beautiful family. This is going to take a bit of time, and quite frankly, I'm happy to spend this time supporting small business owners and purchase something one of a kind for my family to show some extra love rather than a mass produced item that every Tom, Dick and Harry owns.

6. Give yourself a break

The best advice I've ever been given is to own my emotions. We'll all be feeling very tender during this time, so accept that how you're feeling is ok, wallow in that pity, cry for a better tomorrow, and sit in your PJs and eat ice cream from the tub because GOSH DARN YOU DESERVE TO. 

7. Plan for better days

Better days WILL come. Please remember that. They make take their time but they'll be here, and you'll have a thriving life once again. Plan for what you're going to do when this is all over, whether that's travel to that part of the UK everyone has told you is stunningly beautiful, or kick start that business you promised yourself you always would, whatever you want. Put this idea on a piece of paper/ sticky note somewhere in your home, and when you walk past and see this idea, visualise what this will be like when you achieve it. Those days are worth pushing through and fighting for.


I hope this has given you some ideas of what to do during lockdown. These times are tough, but SO ARE YOU. Stay strong and remember our inbox on Instagram (@aura.made) is open always for anyone who needs a chat.


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