An Eco-friendlier Christmas...

Sorry I've been MIA recently on the blog, as some of you may have seen from the AURA MADE Instagram account (@aura.made), I have been moving my stuff over to London so I've been very busy!

I've unpacked my things and made a little space for a Christmas tree for when it hits December 1st. So, it got me thinking of the best ways to have an eco-friendlier Christmas!

Here are some of my top tips for reducing waste and CO2 emissions over the Christmas Period:


1. Tinsel = NO NO.

Tinsel is one of the WORST contributors to plastic pollution. It's plastic, non-recyclable and just ends up in landfill every year. If you reuse your same tinsel every year, well done. Keep up that good work. But if you don't, rather than buying the usual Poundland tinsel this year, if you're in need of some, PaperBoy Crafts UK make Ecotinsel which is "unique - always 100% recyclable , plastic free & PVC-free". What more could you wish for? Find it online at

2. Buy an Artificial Tree and Give it a Forever Home

Chopping down trees every year is quite an obvious faux pas when it comes to being as environmentally conscious as you can, so a great way to have a fantastic tree and not have to spend money every year replacing it, is to buy an artificial tree which can be stored away year after year, without damaging the environment or it losing its quality. A perfect way to help our gorgeous little earth.

3. Wrap Your Presents with Brown Paper and String

Did you know most wrapping paper can't be recycled because of the gloss thats on the outside? 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away every year in the UK. Instead of using wrapping paper, why not use brown parcel paper and string to wrap presents? In all honesty, I'm TERRIBLE at wrapping myself, making each gift I give look like a pigs ear! Using brown parcel paper and string looks so aesthetic and cute, whilst being a friend to the environment, when the paper is opened, it can be recycled! 

4. Boycott the Christmas Crackers

Same as the tinsel really, I'll keep it short and sweet. Glitter + useless plastic toys + glossy paper jokes in the cracker = not a happy planet.

5. Rethink Buying that "Christmas Day" Outfit

If everyone wore a pre-loved outfit on Christmas Day this year, the CO2 emissions would be the equivalent of taking 56 million cars off the road for 1 day... Just let that sink in. Do you REALLY need that 1 outfit for Christmas Day? Why not look to the back of your dusty wardrobe... Do you see that dress in the far back corner by that pair of heels you haven't worn since 2011? That's the one. That little neglected number is a preloved item which can be worn on December 25th and it will look FABULOUS on you, I promise. Remember, trends come back around full circle, and what you once thought is so last year, is in fact, now, this year!

6. Shop Small

I cannot emphasise this one enough, but I'll be posting about this one next week and the impact shopping small has not only on CO2 emissions, but supporting local businesses and not putting money into the pockets of billionaires, but people who are doing all the work behind the scenes to keep afloat and feed themselves and their families. I know ill be gifting a few candles this year.... ;)


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