So, if you're a follower of AURA MADE on either Instagram or Facebook, you'll have heard talk from myself about a recent "revamp/makeover" of the brand.

A lot of this is down to recent surveys I produced for the public to answer about the products and the website. I worked hard to reflect on these answers, take into account the views of people, what they wanted and how the perceived the brand. I wanted to remain true to my ethos and values, whilst evolving to meet the expectations of my audience.

So I've evolved the brand in the following ways..

1. Changed to a tin vessel rather than glass. The vast majority of survey takers were more concerned with their environmental impact over the aesthetic of the candles. Therefore, changing to a tin vessel means that the jar, when empty, can be recycled forever without loss of quality.

2. Reduction in prices - the costings have been shuffled around, and due to this, the prices could be more affordable for the people who are indecisive about ordering a candle due to the cost. (Remember price ALWAYS reflects quality with small brands - they don't have the justification to charge more when they're just starting out).

3. The labels have been outsourced and the design has changed. This is due to printing issues I was having and I was also unhappy with the quality of the labels - I LOVE the new ones!

4. The candles are poured in a more efficient manner due to the new tin vessel. This means faster production rates and quicker turn around times!

5. 5 new scents have been added to the range, yes F I V E. 2 core scents, 2 limited edition autumnal and 1 limited edition winter scent. Due to popular demand for a larger range of scents, I've given into the masses and and there will be 10 scents being poured until January! (Winter candle available November).

6. I've brought in both fragrance oil candles and hybrid candles - this means the range of candles can be broadened to meet the tastes of more of the AURA MADE audience. I personally enjoy masculine scents, but others don't. So I've worked hard to make sure there is a scent for E V E R Y O N E.


I hope you all enjoy the new style and range as much as I enjoyed creating them! I've worked SO hard on this next release, working for about 2 months on the evolution of AURA MADE.

Remember - the candles are all the same formulas, I pour them with all the same love and care I always have, but now they've shed their cocoons and blossomed into these beautiful butterflies 🦋


Thanks for reading,


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  • Suzanne

    I didn’t think you could better what was already perfect but I’m so excited about the revamp 🌺🌺🌺

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