We Don't Have Time....

From a young child, we're always looking at the world as this bright and beautiful place. Full of colour, creation, plants, animals... we're bright eyed, bushy tailed and intrigued by what this magnificent place has to offer.

As we're of a young age, we grow up not knowing the real consequences of our actions. I have a couple of young children in my life who, as I have watched them grow up, I wonder what it would be like to not have concern for our world as I do. 

Imagine a world, where we could grow up and not get to an age, where we realise how much greed, laziness and mindlessness has consumed our planet, to the point, the inhabitants have ran it literally into the ground. 

But as I thought about this lovely idea, I thought about the things I've grown up listening to...

- "We can find it cheaper elsewhere..."

Is cheap always better? The majority of small businesses charge a FAIR price. I'm going to be frank, my cost price of each candle can be up to £9. Our No. 2: The Secret Garden has essential oils, which alone, one of these oils costs £35 for 50ml. I pour 10ml or more of oils per candle,  so a £3.50 profit I believe is a fair mark up. I don't add in costs for labour, this is solely the prices of the quality products I make. Do you think this is fair? When you're looking at small business products, remember how much time, effort, and care goes into a product. It's an extension of themselves. They will have a very minimal task force, a lot of the time, it's just the owner (like AURA MADE) doing everything, down to the tip tap typing of every blog post, or social media caption ;)

- "It's raining, should we drive?"

Why are we all afraid of a bit of water coming from the sky? The reality is, because of our terrible British weather, we've all become a bit complacent about taking a walk with a brolly. These emissions will add up over time, contributing the world becoming so hot that Bali will be sunk under the ocean in 20 years. You need to do that 5 minute drive to the shop for that 1 ingredient you completely forgot in your usual weekly shop right? Imagine this happens once a week, on average, every year. In 5 years, you'll have contributed almost 30 hours worth of emissions to the globe. That's almost 2 trips to Paris and back from Manchester. Do you think you could reduce that?

- " Well next day delivery is only £2 extra..."

When we get next day delivery, you're contributing to "fast fashion". Fast fashion is one of the leading contributors to CO2 emissions in the world. Fast fashion produces 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 a year. When you buy from a retailer, and pick next day delivery, the whole supply chain is forced to go into over drive, forcing all deliveries to be sped up and therefore producing emissions which equate to more than international flights and all deliveries combined.


There are many other aspects which are contributing to our planet decending into turmoil, but all the issues above relate to greed, laziness and mindlessness. We ignorantly ignore these things, in the hope that one day the problem will just disappear. But newsflash ... our ignorance has been killing us.

If you have children, or would like children. In 7 years time, you'll have to tell them, that we did not do anything to stop this planet dying. Tell them that, that dress you wanted on Thursday, before Friday, you prioritised over their future. Look in their eyes, and tell them, you drove to that shop, instead of walking because there was a drizzle, and now because of this, their children, are being born into a world with no future.


This climate clock has been running in the US to alert us of how little time we have left to change: https://nowthisnews.com/news/this-climate-clock-is-counting-down-until-the-planet-is-irreversibly-damaged


Very dark I know, but sometimes, you need a little darkness to see the light.


Thanks for reading,


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