Why I dropped the bottle...

If I asked you a question, would you be completely honest with yourself?

If I were to give you 1 million pounds sterling, to give up Netflix for the rest of your life, could you?

... and what about chocolate? Could you do that too?

Now what about alcohol?

If the answer is no, what's the reason why?


Drinking culture is such a large part of our society, its where we find solace after a long day at the office, after an argument with a loved one or even out of boredom.

It was found recently that women have turned to alcohol more than usual during lockdown. Surprising? No. The discussions that were regularly happening at my household were " Oh we went through a whole bottle of wine last night..." "It's fine, its a rough time for everyone...".

Drinking responsibly is fantastic. This is absolutely not a "bash" on anyone who enjoys alcohol, in fact, I'm envious of anyone who can. Enjoying a cold glass of white on a summers day, or a full bodied red whilst you watch a film and relax, both are great ways of enjoying alcohol responsibly.

But what happens when you stop being responsible with your drinking?

As long as I can remember, having 1 glass of wine was never 1. It was 2 because the first glass just didn't quite satisfy my taste. Then when I'd had 2, it would turn into 4, then a whole bottle and the next thing I'd know I'd be waking up in the morning with a dry mouth and a sore head. 

As I got older, I found I became less productive as my bouncy, bright, eighteen year old self became more of a distant memory and my twenty-six year old grumpy, lethargic, groggy self became who I was more regularly than I'd hoped. 

For myself, it wasn't the feeling bad, it was how long it lasted. I'm someone who craves success - and productivity is the path to it. So limiting my productivity, running on 50% and feeling like I had a constant brain fog wasn't working for me anymore.

Since I made the decision, my productivity and motivation to put all my energy into AURA MADE has sky rocketed. The imposter syndrome is very real. I never thought at the age of 18/19/20 I'd be someone who owned a business, let alone a successful one. The evolution of the brand has come from a spur of inspiration of wanting to be better, be my best self and be successful in every aspect of my life.

One step I've found has been essential to my recent productivity is taking the time to read books which will be educational and build on my knowledge for my chosen career. Most mornings, I light my Autumn 1: By the Fire candle, in a quiet room, put my phone in another room, pick up my chosen book, and just take that time to build on myself and my knowledge.

So, if you're like me, you expect a better self, crave success and want to take strides in the right direction for you...evaluating your productivity and what is limiting it may be a useful tool to unlock your best self.


Thanks for reading,


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