About Us

Aura Made was created with the vision of creating a different atmosphere in every room of the home.

After watching home renovation vlogs, I saw that a few vloggers were going to candle shops with the intention of creating a different mood in each part of their house with these candles. The final cost was scary, and I wondered why it was so high in comparison to a lower cost high street brand.

After conducting extensive market research, I discovered that the prices were higher due to 2 things; the lack of parabens in the candle and the name, so I decided to make my own. Made with soy wax so they were vegan friendly, the scents were all tested for quality so they smelt natural and a fair price, so everyone could enjoy them.

I started with a few rooms in mind, using my chosen essential oils to create a relaxing environment, a fresh uplifting scent and a sweet healing experience. The candles created were instantly praised by the people I showed them to so I decided to expand and sell to others.

The first batch of candles sold out in 1 hour and 40 minutes and from that I decided to expand and share our creations with everyone. I am very proud of our candles and truly believe they are fantastic quality, offering a scent for every room.

Since the first releases of candles, the range has expanded to meet the needs of my audience and broadened the scents available, which meant including a fragrance oil range and a hybrid range so I could deliver scents to meet everyone's tastes.